“Tyler has been coaching me both on and off track for a few years now, and I couldn’t have asked for better results. For my rookie season in the Spec MX5 Challenge series I was able to obtain one win, three podiums, and six top five finishes. I couldn’t have asked for a better coaching relationship!”

Josh Hansen

Spec Mx5

“I met Tyler when I was just getting started in my racing journey and I am very fortunate to have done so! He was my coach when I went to get my racing license and he really stood out to me through his friendliness and willingness to help a inexperienced driver out. Having stayed with him since he has opened up his valuable experience that he has gotten through many pro race seasons and experiences. I have also gotten a chance to talk to some other drivers Tyler has coached and we can all express that he gives everyone a equal opportunity no matter what walk of life you come from and only seeks what would be best through his experiences. He has also allowed access to many of his contacts and relationships to help me gain “traction” in the racing world! With his expertise he is a asset to any team looking for a seasoned driver or data coach with track experience from around the world!”

Jordan RickSegrini

Spec Miata

“I started driving street cars on the track in 2017 and purchased my first race car in 2018, a Mazda MX5 Global Cup Car. I met Tyler at a racing school and started getting private coaching from him immediately after thecrace school. I instantly was more confident and my lap times improved and got quicker and quicker each week with the help of Tyler’s coaching. I started doing club racing in 2019 and was consistently on the podium and in 2020 purchased a Porsche 718 Clubsport MR and quickly started improving my lap times with the help and coaching from Tyler. He is a great teacher and always  challenges me all while making it fun. His knowledge of race craft and video and data are priceless.”

Marc Katzman

Porsche GT4

“No bad things to say about Avada Gym, they are top notch at every corner and truly take care of their customers.”

Ursula Gurnmeister

Avada Gym Member


review1-compressor “The trainers at Avada Gym have helped me reach my fitness goals beyond anything I could of hoped for. I love it!”
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post2 “No bad things to say about Avada Gym, they are top notch at every corner and truly take care of their customers.”
– Jeff Glum

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